Worried about the war against Iraq?

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Things you can do to support peace in the Middle East

Many people in Australia are concerned about the current push towards war in Iraq. There are things you can do to show your opposition to Australias further involvement in this military madness, and to call for a peaceful settlement to the crisis.

" Leaflets and posters you can print and download

In your suburb

  • Inform yourself about the issues: use this website and its links to other sites and articles
  • Organise a public meeting in your suburb to discuss the crisis in Iraq and the Middle East. Book a hall through your local library, church, temple or mosque; advertise in the local press; letterbox leaflets and tells your friends and neighbours.
  • Pass a resolution at the meeting and send it to the local paper, federal parliamentarians in your electorate, and Prime Minister John Howard.
  • Prepare a petition or letter for the local paper, and door-knock around your area to get signatures.
  • Are you in a trade union, political party, church or community organisation? Invite a speaker. Get a resolution passed at the next meeting.
  • Contact the branch secretary of the local Labor / Liberal / Democrat / Green party, and lobby them on the issues.
  • Establish a telephone network or email list in your area to mobilise people for meetings and rallies.
  • Join in public protests and meetings, or organise a rally or street stall in your area. Have a working bee to prepare banners, posters and placards, songs or street theatre.
  • Ask your local council to hang a banner from the Town Hall.
  • Paste up posters around your suburb.

Through the media

  • Monitor the media. Contact the editor to complain about examples of anti-Arab or anti-Muslim racism.
  • Ring up talk-back programs to express your point of view.
  • Reprint articles and leaflets about Iraq and the Middle East in your trade union journal or local community / peace / church newsletter.

For politicians

  • Lobby your federal and state members of Parliament
    (you can find their names and address at www.aph.gov.au/whoswho/index.htm). Ask for an appointment, take along a friend and ask him or her to take a public stand against the war.
  • Write to Prime Minister John Howard, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer and Defence Minister Robert Hill, opposing the military build-up in the Middle East (write c/- Parliament House, Canberra, ACT 2600).
  • Organise protests whenever pro-war politicians appear at your workplace, university or suburb.

Show your concern

  • Speak out, talk to friends and neighbours. Well only stop the war in the Middle East if thousands of people show their opposition.

Interested in joining or
starting a No war or
Peace group in your locality?


The Victorian Peace Network has people interested in working with others in your area on peace issues. Would you like to join with them in starting a local peace group? Link up with community organisations, hold street stalls or public meetings, visit MPs or work with local faith organisations, councillors or schools?

The Victorian Peace Network can help with resources, contacts and support. Ring us on . And come along to our Workshop on Organising Against the War in your Locality, 3.306pm on Saturday 26 October at Trades Hall.

Speak out, talk to friends and neighbours. Well only stop the war in the Middle East if thousands of people show their

    Sunday, 1 December 1.00pm

    The group is organising a number of local community activities to send a strong message to the Australian government and all political parties that most people oppose Australian involvement in this war. This is part of a rapidly growing world-wide peace movement against US preparations for a war which will lead to the suffering and death of thousands of people and may spread to other parts of the world.
    War can be stopped when millions of people around the world show their opposition! Be part of the millions opposed to the war - get involved!
    People interested in joining the group and for further information should contact: