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Doug Rokke was the Pentagon's expert on uranium munitions and cleanup. No one else has his experience but it is being wasted. He remains on reserve military service. These MP3 audio files record some of his experience with uranium munitions. He says gasmasks don't work - uranium ceramic particles go down to 10 angstroms far smaller than pore sizes of gasmasks.

In 1996 he was excreting 1300 ugm uranium/day. 250 ugm is a threshold level indicating severe involvement needing continuous medical care with kidney damage risk. He probably had chelation. First harmful effects in 72 hours are respiratory irritation with shortness of breath. Cancer onset can occur within 8 months - earliest lymphomas and bone marrow. A graph of Iraqi experience using data on the IAEA site shows first cancers are bone marrow and lymph node, then lung and brain.






Doug Rokke May
03, 2003.

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