No war: Statement by Australian parliamentarians

Statement by State and federal Australian parliamentarians

We oppose Australian military participation in bombing and war on Iraq

We join with millions of Australians to oppose war on Iraq and Australian military involvement.

We are heartened by the opposition to this war expressed by former prime ministers, retired senior military leaders, community organisations and the heads of faith organisations, both in Australia and in London and Rome.

The 1991 Gulf War was responsible for the deaths of at least 200,000 to 300,000 Iraqis during and within twelve months of it finishing. At least 110,000 of those killed were civilians, mainly as a result of bombing facilities essential to provide clean water to the Iraqi people. Iraqi society has been devastated by a decade of economic sanctions. *

Civilians are the first casualty of war. War will mean further humanitarian and environmental devastation, and a flood of new refugees.

Iraqs military capacity has been significantly degraded since the 1991 Gulf war. Despite the claims, there is no evidence that Iraq presents a clear and present danger to any nation, nor that it is close to having nuclear weapons. No evidence has been produced linking Iraq to the September 11 bombings.

We support the abolition by all Middle Eastern states of their stocks of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, and call for a renewed commitment by Australia to international disarmament issues. UN resolutions on disarmament and human rights are most likely to succeed when nations commit to their implementation without fear or favour.

We join with governments and communities around the world to say that war is not the solution to conflict in the Middle East.

[* Source: Medical Association for Prevention of War Parliamentary Briefing.

Endorsements (to 4 March 2003)

Senators: Lyn Allison, Andrew Bartlett, Nick Bolkus, Bob Brown, John Cherry, Trish Crossin, Brian Greig, Meg Lees, Kate Lundy, Gavin Marshall, Claire Moore, Kerry Nettle, Aden Ridgeway, Natasha Stott Despoja, Ruth Webber.
Federal MPs: Peter Andren, Steve Gibbons, Jill Hall, Kelly Hoare, Jenny George MP, Catherine King, Carmen Lawrence, Jann McFarlane, Michael Organ, Tanya Plibersek, Harry Quick, Bob Sercombe, Maria Vamvakinou.
ACT: Wayne Berry MLA, Roslyn Dundas MLA, Katy Gallagher MLA, Kerrie Tucker MLA
NSW: Ian Cohen MLC, Jill Hall MP, Lee Rhiannon MLC,
Qld: Julie Attwood MLA, Liddy Clark MP, Lindy Nelson-Carr MP, Rachel Nolan MP, Anita Phillips MP, Mike Reynolds MP
SA: Frances Bedford MP, Ian Gilfillan MLC, Paul Kaica MP, Kris Hanna MP, Kate Reynolds MLC (elect)
Tas: Kim Booth MP, Nick McKim MP, Tim Morris, Peg Putt MP
Vic: Elaine Carbines MLC, Carlo Carli MP, Mary Delahunty MP, Dianne Hadden MLC, Steve Herbert MP, Robert Hudson MP, Tammy Lobato MP, Peter Loney MP, Jenny Mikakos MLC, Don Nardella MP, Bronwyn Pike MP, Glenyys Romanes MLC, Johan Scheffer MLC, Ian Tresize MP, Richard Wynne MP
WA: Dee Margetts MLC, Robin Chapple MLC, Dr Christine Sharp MLC, Giz Watson MLC

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