31 December 2002: OneVoice launch

Actors call for peace in Iraq

By Nick Lenaghan (AAP)

December 31, 2002


KERRY Armstrong says 'No' to war in Iraq. So do Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Gibney, Vince Colosimo, Fred Schepisi, Bud Tingwell and Rod Quantock.

And they have the support of a chorus of other thespians, writers and artists who joined them today calling on their fellow Australians to make a New Year's resolution for peace.

Gathering in Melbourne, the group was led by popular actor Kerry Armstrong in a public plea against the looming war in Iraq. "What we're asking is for this to be New Years's resolution and the fact that it takes a single act of courage to change history," Ms Armstrong said. "The collective spirit of Australia has always been that we are always a little odd and rare in our courage."

Renowned director Fred Schepisi was there too, and he saved some of the best rhetorical lines for himself. "I've seen nothing in the media that suggest we should be going to war," he said. "On what grounds are we going to war? What are these people not complying to? "Are we merely fulfilling something that wasn't done for somebody's father once before in the last war. "Is this just about oil? Why are putting at risk the lives of many people in our country, in America and in Iraq for something ... that doesn't have a real, solid reason behind it?"

The group has asked people to log onto a website, www.onevoiceforpeace.org, to be launched on New Year's Day, to register their opposition to war in Iraq.

Alternatively, those in the audience with mobile phones may chose to register through (by texting their name to) .

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