31 January - 10 February 2003

Children of the war

a photographic exhibition by Takashi Morizumi

Children of the Gulf War
a photographic exhibition by Takashi Morizumi

31st January - 10th February 2003
12-6pm Everyday except Tuesday

@ Horti Hall Gallery - 31 Victoria Street - Melbourne - VIC
(opposite the Trades Hall)

This deeply moving exhibition has received international critical acclaim. It documents the aftermath of the Gulf War and focuses on the lasting effects of the 300 tonnes of Depleted Uranium Weapons that were used. It especially centres on the plight of the many children who have been affected by these weapons . Depleted Uranium Weapons are known to causeleukemia, liver and kidney problems as well as vastly increasing thechances of abnormalities at birth.

Takashi Morizumi who is a well respected photojournalist and advocate of a nuclear free world has been documenting the unfurling tragedy in Iraq since the late 1990's.

Sponsored by Melbourne City Council.

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